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Add a Document


First you Upload your Document into the Document Library


We recommend you always use pdf files.  They do not allow the viewer to make changes and appear more professional than a word or excel document.  Here is information on how to get a free PDF writer.

The easiest way to upload one or more documents at a time is to choose the Go to Administration Area link at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose Document Library link in the middle of the page

  • Choose Upload New Document

  • Select the pdf or other document you wish to upload from your computer folders
  • Choose Save

Add the Document to Your Article

There are two ways to add a document to your article:
While in HTML Editor:
Choose Document Library icon
Choose Select a File from within the Orange "New Article" editing button or through the Administration Area


How to Create a pdf Document

It is possible to use a free pdf writer. 
  • Go to Cutepdf for the download instructions.
  • Then, to make the pdf file choose the "Print" function on your computer. 
  • Choose the cutepdf print option
  • A "Save As" screen will appear, name your file

It is now saved as a pdf in the file folder you chose during the "Save As" process

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