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Adding Images


Adding Images

There are three main ways to add images to your articles.
  1. This is the easiest option for putting images into your content.  It is also the fastest way to insure that the images will be considered mobile friendly.

    Choose the Orange "New Article" Button or through the Administration Area (for those you prefer the old way of accessing their articles by picking their page and choosing the article option).  At the Image Field you can choose up to three images  from your image library to be displayed inside your article. 
LIMIT 3 IMAGES per article

2. Choose the HTML editor from the Orange Text & Images Button. Click where in your text you want the image to appear and choose the "green mountain" image icon. You will be directed to your image library to pick an image. The danger with this option is that the image can be stretched which may distort it.


3. Make a table in your HTML editor and place images in cells by using the "green mountain" image icon. (The border is here for demonstration. You don't need to have it on your page.) 


Making an Image a Link to an Enlarged Image

  1. Upload the image into your image library (we suggest that you use the ¼ page sizing option)
  2. Upload the same image into your document library (here you cannot alter the size, so it will upload the image as it is on your computer)
  3. Create a new article and using the HTML editor create a table to hold all of the small images you intend to link to the larger ones in your document library.
  4. Click inside of the cell of your table where you want the image to appear
  5. Select the green mountain image icon to insert an image. From there you will select the smaller image you uploaded into your image library.
  6. Click on the image that you’ve just inserted and select the documents icon. This is where you select the file of the larger image that you uploaded to your document library (this links the two images).
  7. Save and return to website to ensure that the small image is properly linked
  8. If more image linking is necessary, return to editing the article and repeat steps 1 through 7.

YouTube Videos easily embed into your website. 


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