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Benchmark Reports


Our Reports Help Clients Understand Where They Are At Right Now

We offer five raw data reports that help clients understand:
  • What keywords Internet viewers are actually using
  • Where their website pages stand on organic search ranking for their chosen keywords
  • Where their competitors website pages stand on these same chosen keywords
  • Which websites are linking to them and their competitors with the use of inbound links


We recommend to all clients whose website is already published that they get a set of raw data reports before any SEO is performed within the site. 


Another set of reports should be run 6 – 36 weeks after SEO is performed to assess your website’s progress in rising in organic search ranking. 


Summary of Reports

Website Indexation

This report tells you which of your website pages have been found (indexed) by the three top Search Engines. Unless your website is brand new, you can expect that many of your pages and downloadable document files are listed in this report.

Website Ranking

These reports tell you the actual search results position (ranking) for each of your chosen keywords/phrases. Only the top 30 results are checked.  A dash indicates your site was not found in the first 30 search results, for that keyword/phrase.

Website Links

The first report, Site Inbound Links Analysis, lists websites that have created a link to your site. The slash “/” indicates a link to your domain name, not a specific page. This report will list all/most pages from your site, even if they do not have any inbound links.

The second report, Linking Sites Overview, digs a little deeper and gives you the linking website's domain name and provides the actual page address where you can go to find the link to your site. It also provides competitor inbound linking data, if that option was purchased.


Why Buy Research Reports?

Search Engines want to have their Internet viewers to find relevant websites for their search inquiries.  The goal in SEO is to help search engines understand that YOUR website is (the most) relevant for popluar search terms.  But, what are the popular search terms?  Many website owners believe they know the proper search terms:
  • By years of industry knowledge
  • By years of sales knowledge
  • By intuition
The website owner may be right and save money in research costs. 
However, if the website owner is wrong, then there is a lot of wasted effort in optimizing the website for phrases that Internet viewers do not use or rarely use.  Save the headache and consider utilizing AccuNet's SEO Program.  The remaining pages in this section outline the consulting and reports we offer. 
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