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Create a Page


First, a Page Must Be Created

Choose the blue New Page button.
1.  Fill in the Title of the Page.  This will display across the top of the page.
2.  Fill in the Link.  This is the Navigation title that will be shown on your website. 
Choose Continue

Choose the Parent/Child placement of the new page. 
The new page will default to be a main navigation page. 
If the new page is meant to be a child of another page,
choose the page from the drop down menu.

On the same screen, choose the page layout
All articles displayed together on one long page is the default. 
You have the option to have the page show one article at a time with the remaining articles displayed as a sidebar or to choose various article index options.
Choose Save - Continue

Choose Publish Status
Choose what menus this page button will be displayed. 
Be careful about adding too many pages to your footer.  Pick only the most important or those you feel are important and might be hard to find.
Choose a Sort Order.
This will decide how the multiple pages for your website are organized.

Decide what you want to do next.

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