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Six SideBar Options


Steps to Create a SideBar



Click on the blue SideBars button near the top center of your page.



On the next screen click the Add a New One Here link.


Choose the Type of SideBar You Wish to Use

You have multiple options on the type of SideBar you can create with SiteBuilder by AccuNet.
The information for this sidebar is taken from your Calendar page, whether the page is published or on hold, AND will list the content (not show the calendar form.)
Page Preview
This sidebar gives the Internet viewer information about another page on your website.  It will "copy" the first 10 words from the text of a preset number of articles on the designated page.
The poll sidebar allows the Internet viewer to vote once and allows you to view the answer statistics.
Text Area
This is the most used option that allows for text and images and optional scrolling.
Simple Text
This sidebar is to be used for code only.
Advanced feature (need some tech knowledge)

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