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Create an Article


To Create an Article for your Page

Choose the orange New Article button.
Fill in the fields marked in red.
1.  Choose the page you want this article to be viewed. 
2.  Fill in Article Title.
3.  Article Type defaults to: Text & Images.  Other options include photo albums and slide shows and footer articles.

4.  Publish Dates are optional.  If you want the article to post in the future you change the Begin date.  If you want the article to stop being live on the website on a certain date, you can input the End date. 
Choose Continue

Decide if you want to keep the article on hold, or publish it to the Internet

Choose a Sort Order to decide how the multiple articles on the page are organized

Input/paste your content in the HTML Editor (Advanced)
Input images

Change your article layout on a page
Add a document link, if appropriate
Create links for relevant content.

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