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Document Library


Where to Store Your PDF's and other Public Documents

There are three different ways to access your document library.
  1. Orange New Article Button.
  2. Orange Text & Images Button.
  3. Bottom of screen, choose "Go to Administration Area".  Choose Document Library from middle of screen, then choose "Upload New Document."

Replace a PDF with a Revised Document

To update a file in your Document Library that has the exact same file name:
    1. Choose Upload New Document
    2. Select File from your Computer folders
    3. Click on the check box, "Replace existing file of same name"
    4. Choose Upload File
The links that were already made to the document file name will now download the new document.
Note, if the file name is not exactly the same, the system will create a new document and not delete the older version.

Need to Change the Document that is Linked Throughout Your Website?

Sometimes you wish you could change the document information that is set up under a document link.  A fast way to accomplish this to to:
  • Create a new file and store in a folder on your computer
  • Within SiteBuilder, choose Document Library
  • Choose View & Manage Documents
  1. Click on the file you want to REPLACE
  2. Choose the new file you want to add to your Document Library
The new file will now be renamed to the first document's file name.
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