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Edit an Article


Look to the LEFT

Editing articles is a big subject.  Some basics are covered on this page, but most information is broken down into specific tasks, such as:

These tasks are explained in their own pages.  The navigation is to the left.


Move Content From One Page to Another

Sometimes an article has been made and you decide it should be moved. To change the page for an article:
Choose the orange Title -Settings-Hold button
Use the top drop down menu for Displayed on Page and choose the new page for the article

Choose Save Changes
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Or proceed to step #12:  How do I make text or images in my articles link to another area in my site or to another website?

Changing Sort Order of Articles

Now it is time to view how the article looks on its new page.  Check the sort order of all the articles at the new page. If you need to change the sort order of an article,
  • Choose the Orange Article Sort button
  • Edit the sort order of the articles from top down. 
    (You can use decimals and negative numbers to easily sort large numbers of articles.)
  • Choose Save.

Editing the Thank You Page - Contact Us Auto Reply

Once an Internet user fills out your Contact Us form and clicks the send button, they are then sent to the "Thank You" page.
This is the default message they see.
Thanks for taking the time to contact us. We'll review your message and get back with you, if necessary, as soon as possible.
If you want to change the message, the best way to do so is to:
  • Login to your website.
  • Choose Show Editor Buttons from footer menu.
  • Type a quick message into your Contact Us request form.
  • Send the message, then the Thank You page will appear.

Using the orange Text & Images editor button you can then edit the content of the article.


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