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How to Edit a Page


The Blue Buttons

The blue buttons are for editing features of your page. 

Title & Layout

This button allows you to change titles of your page and its layout.
Page Title is the title that is shown across the top of your page
Link Name is the navigation link name.
You can also add your Browser title here (SEO)
The image below shows the page being edited in order to choose a Parent page.  This means the page being edited will be nested as a child under the parent page.
Another important feature on this screen is the article layout option.  We recommend that you view your page in multiple layout options before finalizing your decision.
Note:  While they are still available, we do not recommend using the 2 or 3 column page layout options.  They are very hard to use.

Proceed to step #11: How do I change the page where an article is displayed?

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Publish/Hold Button

This button allow you to publish or put the entire page on hold. 
All articles will be on hold by default if the page is on hold.
Page Navigation Choices
Check the boxes for where you want the page to be displayed. 
Main Menu refers to your main navigation and most pages
You will only have the Global Menu if your website was designed with global navigation.
Only choose footer menu for the most important pages.
In general, its a good practice to show all pages in the site map.


This screen allows you to edit information relating to Search Engine Optimzation, such as browser titles and page descriptions.


Complete details for sidebars are found in their own section within this user guide.

Sort Order

The blue Sort Order button sorts pages of the website. 
When sorting main pages, only main navigation is displayed.
When sorting a child page, only the group of child pages for the parent page are displayed.

Proceed to step #10: I want to change how the articles are displayed on a page.

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Why Does My Page Title Have **'s Around It?

When you see your navigation links with a * before and after the title, you will know that the page has been placed ON HOLD.   The page content will have a yellow box around it as well.
Only those who can work on the website in the administrative content management system of your website can see the page.  It IS NOT published to the Internet.  The only way for Internet viewers to enjoy a page is if it is set to "Ok to publish."

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Or proceed to step #7: How Do I create the pages?

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