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Embed Videos Onto Your Web Page



We highly recommend using to post videos on your website.  YouTube will handle the conversion of your video to a web-friendly format and you'll receive the benefit of extra exposure by having your videos searchable on the YouTube website.

You will first need to sign-up for a free account at

Once your video has been successfully uploaded to YouTube you can follow these steps to insert the video on your website:
  • Visit YouTube and view your video.
  • Below or to the right of the video will be an option to "Embed" the video.  Copy the embed code.
  • Login to your website, show editor buttons
  • Browse to the page you want to add the video to
  • Create a new Article (Article Type of Code/Simple Text)
  • Paste in the embed code from YouTube
  • Save

How to Add Video to Your Website

1. Upload Flash video (.flv) file to the Document Library of your website. 
   (write down or copy the file name)

2. Create a text or image link in any Article (url example below)




A popup will load the specified video file in a window of the specified size (320 x 240 in example above).
Video will auto-scale to the window size and will auto-start
Note:  VideoFileName you put your file name in this space, not the text listed here.
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