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Benchmark Reports for SEO - F.A.Q.


1. Indexed Pages Overview

This report lets you know that the major search engines have found your content. This is an important first step. Once your content has been placed in their index, then they are able to show your site in their search results. This report also shows how deep they are crawling your website, whether it is just a few pages or all of them.
Why do the different search engines report different website pages?
Each search engine will visit (and re-visit) your website at different intervals. It could be once/month or once/week. Yahoo has a reputation of keeping old pages in their index, even pages that no longer exist, so that is why they will generally show more pages indexed in this report.

2a. Ranking Analysis & 2b. Competitors Ranking Analysis

These reports show where your website is positioned in the search engine result page, for each of the keywords you are tracking. Measuring and tracking your position allows you to see how well your SEO efforts are working.
If you've ordered the competition report, you will see the same information about them. If your competition is ranking well for a specific keyword, you'll know they are doing something right. If they are not, then you have an opportunity to take advantage in an area of search results, where they are not visible.
There's a keyword that I like and I don't show up in the first 30 listings. How do I find my actual ranking?
Use the “Advanced Search” at Google and set it to return 100 results per page. Perform a search using your desired key phrase. Now press Ctrl+F on your keyboard for Find and find your name/website. If necessary, go to next page of results until you find your website.
Why do you only report the top 30 results?
Research shows that Internet users rarely will review more than 3 pages of search results before changing their search criteria.

3a. Site Inbound Links Analysis & 3b. Linking Sites Overview

Building inbound links is an important component of achieving good search result rankings. Search engines look at both quantity and quality of your inbound links, to help them determine your ranking.

Why is the Inbound Linking Report useful?
This report lists all websites that are linking to yours. It is a quick way to learn if your link building efforts are working.
Why is the Linking Site Overview useful?
This report lists the actual page that your incoming link is coming from. It allows you review the exact placement of your link on the other website. This is important to know in case you've been placed on a page titled “Businesses to Avoid”, as opposed to the “Businesses I Love” page.

If you've ordered the competition report, you'll see your competitor's inbound links. It is a great idea to thoroughly review this data. You might find a valuable association or directory that you should join in order to enjoy the same inbound linking opportunity



Do I need to buy all these reports again in the future?
The only way to know if your SEO efforts have paid off is to compare where you were before you made changes to your website to where you are 6-36 weeks after all changes are completed. The best tools for comparison are these reports.  Please contact our office for pricing.
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