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Footer Article for Every Page on Your Website


This Article Type will Automatically be the Last Article on Every Page

To create a footer article:
  • Choose Orange New Article Button
  • Ignore Displayed on Page dropdown as this article is displayed on all pages.
  • Fill in Article Title
  • Choose All Pages Footer (Text & Images) from drop down menu
  • Decide if you want to keep the article on hold, or published to the Internet
  • Choose a sort order to if you will have multiple footer Articles
  • Input/paste your content
  • Input images
  • Add a document link, if appropriate
  • Create links for relevant content.
Option to hide footer articles for a single page are under Blue Editor Button "Title & Layout"
Choose: Options > check box to hide for this page
If you create two footer articles, they will both be at the bottom, according to their sort #. 
It is not possible to make a footer article appear above any standard articles or photo albums.  The sort numbers for footer articles and sort numbers for standard articles/albums do not inter-mix.
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