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AccuNet Offers Standard and Custom Forms


Contact Us Form is Standard for All SiteBuilder Accounts

Your SiteBuilder by AccuNet website service includes one standard form on the "Contact Us page.  A form is an article that allows the Internet user to fill out specific fields of information and then click "Submit."  The form information is instantly sent to the website contact email address.
You can change the email address that the form is sent to once submitted by:
Fill out the email address field on the Contact Us form that is only present when you are in the administrative back end of your SiteBuilder by AccuNet service

Need a Custom Form?

AccuNet will provide custom forms for client websites on a quoted project basis.  To receive a quote we need to know:
  1. Every field name and type of field (text, radial button, drop down, etc.)
  2. Which fields are required.
  3. Do you need specific if/then logic applied to the form?
Send your requirements to us and we will supply you a firm quote.

Helpful Tips for Clients Embedding Their Own Custom Forms


Any page on the website can be set to process form data (once the page is enabled by AccuNet support).  The form code is pasted into a standard text Article.

Any standard HTML form can be processed with a few special hidden fields, and the following instructions:

  • The form action must be blank (submits to the same page), and the method must be 'post'.
  • The field names can be any name you like, except there can be no spaces in them (use an underscore)
  • If you wish to have the visitor's email address as the "from" address in the resulting email, then that field name on the form must be: email
  • The submit button "name" must be "submit".  The text in the button can be whatever you want.
  • There are two (2) required hidden fields and two (2) optional hidden fields that control the form processing and formatting.
  • The results will be emailed by default, to the same address that receives the "Contact Us" page message.
    (the destination address can be changed on the form processing page, once that page has been enabled by AccuNet)

Required hidden fields:
emailSubject, fieldOrder

Optional hidden fields:
hideBlank, thankYouPage   

See example hidden fields below:

<input name="emailSubject" type="hidden" value="Candidate Website Submission">

<input name="fieldOrder" type="hidden" value=
('spacer' values above simply insert a blank line in the email) 

When the form is processed, only fields listed in the fieldOrder input will be processed.  In the formatted email,
the field names are used to label the data, (the underscores are replaced with blank spaces), so the data in the Candidate_Name field is automatically formated as:
Candidate Name: John C. Smith

(optional fields)
<INPUT type="hidden" name="hideBlank" value="False" >
(show the fields that are not filled out, when the email is sent, the default is true if this field is not included)

<INPUT type="hidden" name="thankYouPage" value="thankyouform1.asp" >
(This is the page that is displayed after completing the form. If this field is not used, then the the default "thank you" page, the same one used for the "Contact Us" page, is used.)

Additionally, you may use the built-in css class styles of: formlabel, formback, formbox
formlabel=style for label text
formback=style for small text used as notes or instructions
formbox=style that generally styles the form background and border color

If the included styles are not to your liking, you may manually style the form and include the style code along with the form code.


  • Create a new page then contact AccuNet to have the form page enabled for form processing (email
  • Create a new article on that page and copy & paste the form code into an Article - using the Simple Text button.
  • Test the form - the results should appear in your inbox.

    Note: if you are using the optional thankYouPage field, you will also need to create a new thank you page and add your 'success' or 'thank you' message there.

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