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Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools


How to Embed Google Analytics Code into Your SiteBuilder Website


To add Google Analytics to your website you need to add Google code in your website’s admin area. Part One is getting the code from Google and Part Two is how to embed into your website. (Call us and we’ll do this for you if you prefer.)

Part I: Need to get code from Google

  1. Create a Google account at
  2. Visit
  3. Click Sign Up Now
  4. Follow step by step instructions on the Google Analytics website.
  5. On the last step, you will be presented with tracking code. Copy this code so you can paste it into your website.
  6. Click Finish 

Part II: Paste tracking code into your website

  1. Login to your website, then go to the Admin Area (the link to the admin can be found directly after logging in, or at the bottom of your web page anytime after logging in).
  2. On the left side menu, select Site Settings and then Sitewide Code
  3. There you will see “Google Analytics Code:” field. Paste in the code.
  4. Click Save Changes. This will apply the code to every page on your site, just before the closing body tag (<body>), as instructed by Google.

Allow a day or two to pass and then login to your Goolge Analytics Account to view tracking data. Tracking data is generally delayed by 24 hours’


How to Embed Google Webmaster Tools Code into Your SiteBuilder Website

Once you have linked Google Analytics to your website, linking Webmaster Tools is seamless.  
  1. Log into your Google accunt
  2. Go to the Webmaster Tools page and sign up.
  3. From there, you will follow their directions.  When you get to the second step, "Verify your ownership" choose the Alternate method and then Google Analytics.
You can expect a green verified button to appear.  If not, follow their directions or give us a call to trouble shoot for you.
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