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Help! I'm Having EMail Trouble


Can't Receive


When you feel that your email is not receiving messages you first need to make sure your Internet connection is working properly.  Then you check webmail to further pinpoint where the problem begins.  Below is a general guide of steps to take to self-diagnose a receiving problem.

  1. Confirm that you are not receiving email by sending yourself an email message.
  2. Check to make sure you have a connection to the Internet. 
    (Can you view
  3. Can you view your website?
    If not, your domain name might have expired.  Check whois information for the domain expiration date.
  4. Check webmail to see if your missing messages are there.
    If they are you now know that your trouble is between the mail server and Outlook, not between the Sender and the mail server.
  5. Is the Sender sending attachments larger that 20MB?
    Even attachments at 10MB are sometimes too big and may be rejected.  If Outlook is hung up on a message with an attachment of any size, view the message at webmail, download the attachment if you need it and delete the message.  Try to receive again.
  6. Is your account set up with Grey Listing?   
    We set up your account by default with Grey Listing as it is a service that helps alleviate SPAM.  The first time anyone sends you a message it is delayed from10 to 30 minutes.  After the first message has been accepted, consecutive messages will go through on the first try.  HOWEVER, if you have not received a message from this email account in a long period of time it will again be delayed and greylising will activate.  (We can turn Greylisting off for you, but it may increase the amount of spam you receive).  
  7. Have you checked your spam/junk folder to be sure messages are not being sent there?
  8. Close Outlook and then reopen Outlook
    Occasionally, some versions of Outlook have a tendency to “get stuck” while trying to send a message. If this is the case, if you close the program it will release the “stuck” message.
  9. Is your mailbox at webmail full? 
    If your mailbox is at its limit, then no messages can be added to your mailbox or moved through to Outlook.
  10. Check your Outlook Settings.
    Check all your settings.  To view the proper settings for set up go to either hMail or RackMail's Outlook Instruction area:   

Make sure that if the box for leave copies on the server is checked, the next two boxes are checked as well.  We recommend that you do not leave a copy of the server over 10 days.


  1. Consider deleting your Outlook account and re-creating it.
    Sometimes Outlook just gets corrupted and stops working for an unknown reason.  If you re-create you take this variable out of your diagnoses.
  2. Consider that your Anti-Virus software has updated and is creating an Outlook problem.
    If you are not able to receive e-mail messages from any email account in Outlook your anti-virus could be blocking.  Temporarily turn-off the email protection and try receiving email.
  3. If all the above options fail to find the problem, call us with the following information:
    A) Time & Date the missing message was sent. B) Sender email address. 
    NOTE: We can not research the problem unless we have those two pieces of information.
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Can't Receive
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