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Help! I'm Having EMail Trouble


How to Request Help with Email Problems

If you are experiencing trouble with either sending or receiving email to/from other people, the first thing to check is
the actual email address for correctness.
Believe it or not, this is the single most common cause of the problem the vast majority of the time.
If you would like AccuNet Support to further troubleshoot the issue, we will need specific information.  At a minimum, we will need to know these 5 things:
  1. "To" address
  2. "From" address
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. The nature of the problem (Outlook error message, "Undeliverable" message, etc)
We almost always end up needing some of the below 6 questions answered as well.  Please consider answering them with your initial request for help.
  1. Is this the first time this has happened?
  2. If not, how long?
  3. Is it for a specific address, or multiple?
  4. Have you successfully sent to this address in the past?
  5. **Send us the exact error text or the actual bounce message.
  6. **Does a third party receive a bounce message when sending to you? Please ask them to forward the bounce message to us.
**  To send an email as an attachment:
  1. Start new message
  2. Click on message in folder you want to forward and drag to new message. Let go of mouse.
  3. You should see the message listed as an attachment to the new message.

** To get header text from a problem email:

  1. Open email in question
  2. Click View > Options
  3. Copy “Internet headers:” text into a new message
  4. Send header information with any other relevant information you have available.
How to Request Help with Email Problems
Check to make sure you have a connection to the ...
When you feel that your email is not receiving messages ...
When you can not send or receive email there are a ...
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