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We Offer Both Personal and Self Directed Training

We love to help our clients learn their system!  We've found that it is best to limit your initial training session to 30 minutes.  Once you've mastered the basics additional time can be spent to learn the rest of the features.  You can learn them on your own by using this guide, or call us and we'll walk you through it.
Before Receiving Any Training from AccuNet Staff
1.  Read the Getting Started Guide.  Read it twice.


Send us at least 3 articles that you want to have in your website.  We also want 1-5 images if possible.  We will use this information to put into your website so that there is relevant content there during your initial training.

First Scheduled Training with AccuNet Staff
We will review the following areas during your initial training.  If you master these steps during our meeting we may branch out into other features based on your website content requirements.  Total time for your first training will be close to 30 minutes.
3. What are Editor Buttons?
4. How do I edit my articles?
5. How do I create the articles that goes inside the website pages?
6. How do I edit my pages?
7. How do I create the pages for my website?
8. How do I easily put images into my content?
9.    I want to change the sort order of my pages?
Additional Training With AccuNet Staff OR You Can Do on Your Own
10.   I want to change how the articles are displayed on a page.
11. How do I change the page where an article is displayed?
12. How do I make text or images in my articles link to another area in my site or to another website?
13. Review 2nd and 3rd option for adding images to content for more presentation flexibility.
14. How do I change the email address of my Contact Us page?
Ready to Dive into the Features of SiteBuilder
How do I put my content into a table?
How do I create sidebars on a page?
How do I create a slide show that looks like a short no-sound movie clip?
Professional Website Appearance
Do I need SEO or other Internet marketing?


Take the Challenge

Once you have gone through our list of training points, test yourself on the Help Index.  If you know all the answers to this frequently (and not so frequently) asked question list you are an expert at SiteBuilder by AccuNet!
How to Join Go To Meeting
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