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HTML Editor VS Simple Text


Use the HTML Editor for all Content

The HTML Editor is the best option for content input.  The Simple Text option is to be used for programming code.

When to Use Simple Text?


The only time to use Simple Text is when you need to embed code.  Otherwise, use the HTML Editor (Advanced) option.  

(Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn how to use both the HTML editor and embed a piece of code into the same article.)


Create Your Content Outside of SiteBuilder

This is the recipe for Content Input Success:
  1. Create content in a document separate from your SiteBuilder service
  2. Do not format content.  Use either the "Paste from Word or Paste Text" icon to copy/paste your content into your SiteBuilder article. 

  3. Now format your content within the HTML editor
It is best to wait to format content and use the HTML editor because then you retain control of how your content appears across multiple Internet browser formats.  If you format in advance and copy that formatting into the HTML editor, it might look fine on the Internet browser you use, like Explorer, but it may look strange on Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Main Formating Options

Table icons
Linking icons


Help! I need to use the HTML editor AND place a piece of code into my article


We have a solution.

The PayPal Button option allows you to use code in an HTML article.  We named it PayPal solely because that is how it is most used.  However, any HTML code can be placed there and it will display to the left, right or center at the bottom of the article.
Internet Connection Can Cause Lost Work!
We can not control your Internet connection. 
If your connection is temporarily lost for a moment, you will not be able to save the work done within the HTML editor. 
For this reason, save often and copy/paste large chunks of work.
Design Tip
We recommend that you do not change your default font. 

By keeping default font throughout your website you ensure a professional looking site. 

If you do not like your font type, size or color, call us and we'll change it globally - as a function of your design.
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