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Image Library


Using Your Images in Your Content

First you need to get your images into your image library, then you can input your images into your content.

Creating Your Image Library

There are three different ways to access your image library.
  1. Orange New Article Button.
  2. Orange Text & Images Button.
  3. Bottom of screen, choose "Go to Administration Area".  Choose Image Library from middle of screen, then choose "Upload Image."
For detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish the above steps choose one of the three options above. Each will send you to the administration area where online help is available on the right sidebar.

Always Fill Out the Image Description Field

The ONLY time you are able to describe your image is when you upload it.  You will not have the ability to go back and add the description later.  As time progresses, most clients appreciate the descriptions when going back to use an image days or months after uploading it into the library. 
It also helps to add the size of the image to your description in case you have multiple sizes of the same image in the library.

How to Use iStock is one of the most affordable ways to purchase stock photography. Most photos costs under $2.  You can use selected photos in two ways:
  1. In the permanent portion of your website design.  All we need is the photo file #s emailed to us.  We will purchase for your design.
  2. You can also select photos you may like to use in your Content portion of your website. You will want to create an Istock account if you would like to add stock photos to your Content.

iStock makes it very easy to set up an account, to organize your ideas and possible purchases and to download your purchases.  Take a look at

To find a photo, type in appropriate keywords at the top left.  Then, 
  • Check/uncheck the boxes next to the photo and/or Illustrations, sort by best match and click the search button.
  • You can also Sort by most popular by selecting Sort by Downloads, or find the latest submitted photos by selecting Sort by Age.
  • Mouseover photos to see them enlarged. Click on the image to see more details.
  • If you are finding some photos you are interested in, you will want to write down the File # of the photo.  The File # is found by clicking on the image and reading the detailed info to the right of the photo.

If you are finding a large amount of photos and are having trouble deciding which ones you like best, you may want to put them into a Lightbox. A Lightbox is simply a folder for you to organize your photos and images by subject matter or however you choose. It is helpful way to review your options at another time before finalizing your purchase(s).

In order to place photos into a Lightbox, you need to Sign Up with iStockphoto. They make it easy to follow the instructions to Sign Up.  Just be sure to keep your Member Name and Password handy so you can Login each time.

To use the Lightbox option after you've Signed up, simply type in the subject matter or keyword of the image you are looking for. Don't forget to check and uncheck the boxes next to Photos and/or Illustrations, and use the Sort by option before clicking Search.

Under each thumbnail image are 2 icons. Mouseover them to either View the image or to Add the image to a Lightbox. If you want to Add the image to the Lightbox, simply click the Lightbulb + icon and follow the prompts.

Once you have decided on the image(s) you would like to purchase, you will need to purchase Credits from Istock. You will need to purchase the credits with a credit card.  I would recommend purchasing the least amount of credits and then purchasing more as needed.  Photos are sold according to size with the XSmall size costing 1 credit.   After viewing the photo(s) you want to purchase in your Lightbox, click on a photo to purchase.  You will see size and info to the right of the photo. I would recommend purchasing the XSmall size photo (unless under an unusual circumstance you need a larger size.) 
  • Be sure to Click and Highlight the XSmall size. 
  • Leave the Standard option button alone unless you plan to buy an extended license of the photo. 
  • Click the Buy button. 
  • Now you will be asked to Agree to the Terms of Service. 
  • Once you have Agreed you will be asked to Confirm Purchase. 
  • After Confirming the Purchase you will want to Click on the words Start Download Now.

You will then be able to make a Folder on your computer where you can keep and store your stock photos for future Uploading to your Image Library on your website. (once the images are uploaded to your website image library, you do not have to store them on your computer.)

You can now Continue Browsing, and it will go back to your Lightbox.

Adding Images

Follow these step by step instructions to add images to your website content.

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