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The Purpose of this SiteBuilder Guide


The Best Way to Keep You Current on Our Features

Your SiteBuilder service is constantly evolving.  There is a good chance that a useful new feature has been added to your service since you were trained on it.  This guide is a complete reference that will explain all the features available and how to use them.
You are always welcome to contact us by phone or email with questions.  But for those times you want to tackle the project on your own, this guide was developed to assist.





What You Will Find in this Guide

Getting Started reviews how your Content Management System (CMS) is organized in order to be intuitive to use.  A must read for the novice.  We explain:

Using SiteBuilder is organized with an Index and a list of links that explain how to use each main feature within SiteBuilder.  There are many helpful tips inside, so we highly recommend that you take time to browse.

Email explains how to set up your email account with different versions of the popular Outlook program.

Search Engines offers insight into why Search Engine Marketing and Optimization may be important to you.  We also explain AccuNet's SEM/O Service and how to best utilize it.

Training gives you an outline for when you are training others to update your site.

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