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Keyword Research



Supplies 10-20 “seed phrases” through brainstorming what phrases they think are important to their website.
We supply a raw data report of over 200 phrases that tells a client what phrases Internet users performing searches are actually using. While it is the client's ultimate responsibility to pick phrases that best represents their business, we do provide recommendations as part of the report process. Data on the number of competing websites is included for each of the top 100 phrases.

By embedding these new keywords into the website content, the client is setting up the website to be found by Internet searchers using Search Engines.




The KRR provides you with a list of search terms that have been used recently by individuals searching the Internet. This report was developed from the list of seed words and phrases you provided when ordering your report. You may notice a few of your seed words high in the KRR ranking and you may see some of your seed words at the bottom of the list. When you provided your seed list, you were giving us your best guess at keywords that describe your website pages.

With the KRR you no longer need to guess what search terms people are using, and consequently, what keywords you should use in your website. You now have timely information that you can utilize throughout your search engine optimization process.

To assist you in your decision process of which keywords to use, we give you the KRR report as a “live” document in Excel format. Excel allows you to fine-tune the data in order to select the best keywords for your site. If you do not have Excel, you can use the freely available Calc spreadsheet application.

When you purchase KRR from AccuNet Web Services we provide a written explanation on how to use it to decide what keywords to use and where to place them. Specifically, we spell out how to:

  1. Determine Relevance of search terms
  2. Re-Sort the search term list
  3. Group into Topics or Pages for your website
  4. Identify the Best Keywords
  5. Evaluate Competition (Advanced)
  6. Optimize your Website
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