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Website Links


#3a. Site Inbound Link Analysis


This report tells which websites have created a link to the client's website and even gives the client the exact website page of the client's website that received the link.

This report helps a client analyze their Search Engine Marketing efforts. It also is useful to double check if associations and partnerships have successfully set up links to a client's website.


#3b. Linking Sites Overview


This report tells a client the exact outside website page address that links to their website.

This is a useful report when a client is working on building the number of inbound links to their site.

To make the Linking Site Overview even more beneficial, add up to 4 competitors. Now, a client will be able to see how a competitor gets Internet Searchers to find them. A client might find a valuable association or directory that they should join in order to enjoy the same linking relationship.


Competitor Uses PPC, But Not on My Report?

Why is it possible for a competitor to show up on the top of the ranking page as a sponsor link (paid adertisement with a pay-per-click [PPC] campaign) and not be listed as linked to a directory or site? 
Answer:  The data is pulled from both Google & Yahoo!'s (G/Y) search results. For the most part it will be organic search results and not paid ads. On some websites, the paid placement ads may be indistinguishable from regular content, so G/Y may include a few ad links in the results.
LINK ADDRESS:  Enter the link address (URL) into the field. If it is another website, be sure to include the "http://

Another website:

A page on this site:
LINK TEXT:  This is the text that the visitor will click on for the link.

Click Here to go to CNN
OPEN IN NEW WINDOW:  Select "Yes" and the link will open in a new window. This is often done when linking to another website.

If you are linking to a page on your own website, this is generally "No"
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