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How Your Website Page CAN Look Different for Moblie vs Desktop - If You Want it To

Now you can have a page on your website present in the best format for the type of device used.  Below is an example of our Contact Us page for the desktop and mobile.  The desktop version of our website uses a table to present our address, phone number and hours.  This table is too wide and makes the mobile version have to scroll left to right.  We hate that.  

So now we edited our current "Address & Phone" article to be desktop only and created a new article just for mobile.  (Note the mobile version's phone number direct dials.)  Here is what they look like today.

Desktop View of Website     Mobile View of Website   


You Can Choose What Articles Display on SmartPhones/Tablets & Desktop Computers

You might have created a table on page in your website that does not display well on a tablet or smart phone.  You can choose to have the article that has the table be for desk top only and then create a new article that will display on mobile only.


How to Pick Where an Article Displays

Choose the Orange Title-Settings-Hold button.

Choose either:
  1. Both (Desktop and Mobile)
  2. Desktop Only
  3. Mobile Only
This field, the Destop / Mobile Display field defaults to Both.
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