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Plan Your Website


Develop an Outline


All successful websites begin their development process the same.  A basic outline is written.  As content is accumulated, written or researched, the outline may expand.  But the outline exists as the navigational foundation.

To help you get started in thinking about your own website's structure I have listed page titles commonly found on the Internet.  Do any of these pages find their way to your outline?

Summary of website
About Us
Company mission/value statement
Bios of key personnel
List of weekly/standard events
Sidebar of seasonal events
Calendar view of every day
Multiple product lines, each needing their own page
Each product line has a spec, description, pricing, image
Offer multiple services
Map to office
Address/phone information
Multiple offices or sister websites
Referral links to partnering companies
Articles written for information on key issues
Pdf forms for Internet users to utilize
Always a good idea to list statements from happy customers and links to their sites if applicable.
Photos of finished jobs that show your attention to detail and creativity

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of developing an outline for your website before you begin pouring content into your website. The outline will save you time in the long run.

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