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Learn What Your Viewers Think


Visitor Poll

These instructions assume
  • You have logged into your site,
  • Have the editor buttons showing
  • Have chosen the SideBars option
  • Have chosen the Add a New One Here option to select a SideBar


You are now able to select the type of sidebar:  select Poll
   a. Type an optional caption.
   b. Select the appropriate Position on Page
   c. Enter a sort order (only necessary if there are multiple sidebars on the same page)


Click Continue.


In the Poll dropdown, select Create New Poll, then click Save.


On the next screen, you will create your poll question, and multiple-choice answers.  Enter your

Poll Name

Poll Question

Poll Choices (At least two) 

The Poll Options can be changed as needed. 

Completed Poll


Here is an example of fields filled out for a poll.


Website View of Completed Poll


Where Do I Find My Poll Results?

You access your poll results in the administration area of your website.
  • Choose Show Editor Buttons
  • Choose Poll SideBar you wish to view results
  • Choose Preview Results
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