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Website Ranking


#2a. Ranking Analysis

Supplies up to 40 keywords and phrases (on their own or through the Keyword Research Report.)


Supplies a report that tells the client the actual numerical ranking of their keywords/phrases within the top 30 Search Engine positions (MSN, Yahoo! And Google.) 

For example: Keyword = horoscope signs

Report lists Google = 7, MSN = 8, and maybe Yahoo! = ----

This means that if an Internet user types “horoscope signs” they will find the above website's horoscope page as the #7 site in Google, #8 site with MSN, and won't find their website with Yahoo!. A “---“ means the website is not within the top 30 websites found with that phrase.

This report is very helpful to a client because it tells which keywords are working to bring Internet searchers to their website. The data from this report will be used by the client to further refine the written content on their website to make it even more targeted.


#2b. Competitor Ranking Analysis

Must purchase #2 Ranking Analysis to be eligible for this report. The same 40 keywords and phrases must be used.
Supplies a report that tells the client how (up to) 4 of their competitors fare against the same targeted keywords/phrases reviewed in the Keyword Ranking Report.
This report is needed when a client has specific competitors with an Internet presence. The client will be able to see their competitor's Search Engine ranking against the client's keyword list.
Updated reports are available so the client will be able to see if they are gaining or losing ground in reaching Internet searchers vs. their competitors.
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