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Implementing SEO into Your SiteBuilder Website


Where to Start Inputting SEO Techniques into SiteBuilder

Within the SiteBuilder by AccuNet administrative area is a tab called “Keywords.”  While the fields within this tab are clearly defined in the SEO for AccuNet SiteBuilder Guide, it is worth repeating the following:


1.      The Titles section refers to browser titles. Browser titles are one of the most important aspects of SEO.  Search Engines use browser titles, among other things, to decide the relevancy of the page to an Internet viewer’s search.  (So use an appropriate and unique keyword or two.) This title also appears as your title in the Internet search results.  It should compel a user to click on your listing.  The title can be roughly 5-10 words long, or 75 characters. 


2.      The Description meta-tag section is your opportunity for a free, short advertisement when search engines offer a website page of yours in their search results.  Many search engines use a page description as the content to display on their search results.  While you may not be #1 in the search results, you will greatly increase your chances of being clicked on if your description is interesting.  Each page description within your website should be different.  Try to keep the advertisement to no more than 30 words, or 200 characters.  You can make the description longer; it just might not be shown on the presented ranking page.


3.      Keywords are the important words utilized in a website that Internet viewers use in Internet searches.  In the past, filling out the keyword meta-tag section of a website page was important because search engines looked in this field to decide a website’s relevance for a search phrase.  However, spammers have abused this area and search engines no long pay attention to keywords listed separately from their website pages.  Today, search engines look at keywords listed in website content to decide if your website page is relevant for an Internet user, NOT in the keyword field.


At this point, the Keywords Section in your SiteBuilder by AccuNet service is best used as an internal document of keywords you intend to include in your website page content.  


4.      You do not have to set up browser titles and descriptions for every page on your website.  We suggest that you first focus your optimizing efforts on the pages within your website that focus on telling your sales story.  Do not take short cuts and copy the same description to two or more pages.  A blank description is better than a duplicate one.



Internal Linking


Search engines place significant importance on internal links when attempting to determine what is important in your website.  It is very important to wisely use internal linking to steer your Internet viewer and search engines to your optimized pages. 


Always use strong anchor text.  The best option is to utilize lower priority chosen keywords (after browser and page titles) for your link anchor text.  Never use, “click here.”  It is a wasted optimization and marketing opportunity.


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