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Spam Folder Management


Using a Safelist to keep email out of your Spam Folder


For messages that are already in your Spam Folder:

  • Right click on message and mark as Not Spam

To make sure a message from a specific email address or domain never shows up in your Spam Folder:

  • Login to your mailbox webmail
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose Spam Settings
  • Choose Safelist tab
  • List email addresses and domains

How often to check the spam folder?


We recommend checking it every day for the first few days. After that it depends of the type of mail received and if anything good is being flagged as spam. More details on what constitutes spam can be found in the FAQ below.



How does the spam filtering system work?
The spam filters are necessarily dynamic in nature because they need to react to keep up with the changing tactics of spammers. The determination of whether a message is spam (junk) or ham (good) is based on not only sender's network reputation, but also on the content of the message. The system will identify common characteristics of reported spam, such as phone number, email address, website address, etc., and filter future message to look for those items that are now associated as spammy content.
Why are good messages being marked as spam?
A message gets marked as spam if it comes from a company or service that has a questionable reputation for sending mail, or it could be because of certain spammy phrases, phone #'s, websites or email addresses contained within the message.
Why should I train the spam filter?
The filter takes advantage of user input in order to determine whether or not a questionable message is spam. What is spam to one person is a desired message to another person. Training the filter (by marking a message as “Spam” or “Not Spam” helps it to understand what you consider a valuable message.
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