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Summary to Implement SEO & Online Marketing


4 Main Steps to SEO & SEM


Step One: Decide Keywords to Use

Client Options
You will need to perform analysis in order to finalize best keywords to use in each website page.
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  • Analyze KRR to break keywords into topics

Step Two: Review Benchmark Status

Client Options
Review Benchmark Reports Explanation document sent to you by AccuNet in order to understand how to do report analysis by self.
AccuNet Paid Service
  • Analyze reports in conjunction with KRR or client generated keywords and provide suggestions

Step Three: Implement SEO

AccuNet Paid Service
  • By page write description, browser titles, page titles, navigation tabs, article titles.
  • Review content and edit/create as necessary.
Website integration by review of internal linking and implementing appropriate changes.


Now it is time for SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Step Four: Review & Implement Online Digital Marketing Options
This ever evolving subject is covered in depth at our website under Online Marketing.
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