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Creating Tables


To Insert a Table


Tables are very useful when setting up data and/or images and you need rows and columns.  However, they are not easy to implement.  Below are some general guidelines.  If you are having trouble the best option is to call us and we will walk you through how to format your table to present how you expect.
  • Make sure you click in the HTML editor box, to leave the cursor for where you want the table to be placed.
  • Choose the Blue Table icon .
  • Guide your mouse over the table, selecting the amount of rows and columns.  When you have the right amount highlighted, double click on the last row/column cell of your table selction.

  • Your table is ready to have content added to each cell.
  • Go through each tabbed option to best format your table for borders, table size in relation to its contents or website, and cell padding.


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