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Is Your Website Ready to be Published?


It’s time for a quick survey for you to self verify that you have utilized your SiteBuilder service to its full potential as a marketing vehicle for your business. 


Define Your Website Purpose


In general there are two types of website owners. 

Category One website owners want to have a website in order to project a professional appearance - only.  They use their website as an online brochure to give information about their company, products and services.  This website owner intends to refer all Internet viewers directly to their website.  They are not overly interested in generating unknown traffic to their site.


Category Two website owners intend to use their website as a marketing vehicle that brings in previously unknown prospects and converts them into clients.  

The amount of personal effort in marketing your website is directly affected by the purpose of your website.  All websites need to create a website presence that converts Internet viewers to clients.  But Category Two website owners also need to address Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


Marketing Message

Do you have a marketing message that will make the Internet viewer decide to pick your service or product over other website offerings on the Internet?
Internet viewers visit a website to gather information. While they may skim your website's content at first, if they decide your site may fit their information needs, they will hunker down and read all relevant pages. This means you need a compelling sales story.  An important aspect of this message is its “closing the sale” opportunity.
  • Have you clearly stated your uniqueness or point of difference so that the Internet viewer understands your value?
  • Do you attempt to convert the Internet viewer into a client with a strong feature/benefit of your product or services?
  • Do you have an obvious call to action in the form of a:
    • Contact us request
    • Limited time coupon
    • Other opportunity that spurs the Internet viewer to contact you

Overall Look of Website

Have You Kept the Design Font Throughout Your Website?
There is a specific font that your website was designed to display. Keeping this font throughout assures that your site is considered “professional” by Internet users. It also makes the site easier to read, which is vitally important when trying to inform a potential client of your value.

Content Section

Do Your Navigation Links Help the Internet User Understand Your Product/Service?
All successful websites begin their development process the same.  A basic outline is written.  You are the one who must formulate a plan, or outline, of your website’s navigation structure.  If your website already exists, do this process separate from the website.  Then, review your website’s existing navigation links and decide if they need to be changed to reflect your new outline. 


Every unique product or service needs to have its own page, whether it is a parent or child page.  Every website needs to have a home page and a contact us page.  Many need a location/hours page.  And many also consider a resource page or links page important.  Each page needs its own unique topic that can be easily listed on our outline.


The navigation link outline does not include the process of reviewing the content found within each link.  Creating a navigation link outline is only about deciding your main topic headings.  As content is accumulated, written or researched, the navigation outline may expand.  But the outline exists as the navigational foundation.
Internet User Able to Easily Scan Content?

Internet Users tend to scan data on a web page.  Only if they decide the information is what they are seeking, will they slow down and actually read all the words.  Your website content needs to be presented in an easy-to-scan format to capture your potential client’s interest. 


The easiest way to accomplish this is to create white space, or blank areas, around words.  To make it easy for Internet Users to scan your content, break your information down into short paragraphs.  Use multiple articles to accomplish white space. 


We recommend that you always utilize your article title option for every article in your website.  The titles are easy to skim and are a great mini advertisement opportunity for your marketing message. 
Use Internal Links?

Internal links are important to your Internet viewer as they help steer the viewer to your most important pages.  These Internet viewers expect any underlined words to be a hyperlink (internal/external).  If you use underlining for content emphasis, and it is not a hyperlink to another page in your website (or external to another website), there is a strong possibility that the user will assume that your link is broken.  Depending on your business, not paying attention to this detail may hurt your chances of securing this user as a customer.  Visual emphasis of your content can still be made with the use of bold or italic added to the font.


Images Section


Images Make Sense for Content?

Images are a powerful medium that can tell a story in an instant.  Does your website use images that make sense for the page that it is located?  Think about what the image means from an Internet user point of view.  Then decide if the image portrays the story you planned.


Use photo album or slide show option?

Depending on your website, you may want to add photo albums or slide shows.  These two features do an excellent job of telling a story or contrasting a situation before and after your involvement.  Decide if your Internet Users will be interested in a pictorial story.  Will the story help sell your service or product? 


Did you name the photos in a photo album or slide show?

Many times overlooked, but giving the image a title will help explain the story you are trying to relate. 


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