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What is SiteBuilder?


SiteBuilder by AccuNet Content Management System

Your SiteBuilder by AccuNet service includes both website and email services.  This website,, is designed to help you utilize your service to its full potential.  Since our goal is constant improvement to your service, we will update this site as new features become available.
To help understand how SiteBuilder works, imagine how a newspaper might be published.

Newspaper Analogy

First, articles are written by one or more contributors. Each article would have
  • a body of text
  • a title and
  • perhaps an image.
An Editor or Publisher, would take each article and decide which page it would be published on, and in which order the articles would appear.

That is Exactly How SiteBuilder Works

Text and images are entered into "Articles" and each "Article" is assigned to a "Page".

When Pages are complete, they can then be made available for viewing on the website. Links to Pages are automatically displayed in your website navigation menu. The order in which pages appear (called the page sort order) can easily be changed at any time.  For a more in depth discussion of Pages, click here.

All content displayed on your website is placed in an Article.  Articles may contain one or more of the following: text, images, links to other webpages and links to downloadable files.  Articles may easily moved from page to page, and the order in which they appear is called the article sort order.  For a more indepth discussion of Articles, click here.

Click Here to Download a printable version of the Getting Started Guide (with images)
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